You are enough.

Someone posed the question to me the other day, “Girl, what is going on with those eyebrows.” And my simple response was, “Do I look like I give a shit?” Because I don’t. Who has time to perfectly pluck, tweeze, thread, wax, draw, and color in their eyebrows on the regular? And who, realistically, gives a shit what my eyebrows look like?

Well today, I did.

Today as I was getting ready for the day, I decided to waste my time and pluck the few stragglers that were seemingly making their way down to my eyelid. Excitedly so – I was getting ready to go hang out with a dude.

Fast forward to where I am now and I am not, nor did I, hang out with said dude. Still haven’t heard from him since he blew me off, to be exact.

On the way home I started to rationalize a correlation between my eyebrows and my inability to maintain a steady relationship, ever. I came to the conclusion that yes – the arch of my eyebrows directly effects the way other people are going to treat me. That because I don’t look perfect means I’m not perfect. I’m lacking in some way.

After 45 minutes of this absurd conversation with myself, in which I have completely broken down every flaw of my body, skin, and character…a small voice whispered, “you are enough.”

You. Are. Enough.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, popped the top to a Stella and raised it high to proclaim “Fuck you, douchebag.”

As a woman in today’s society we are constantly exposed to standards we are supposed to meet. I’m supposed to have long hair, beautiful big eyes, perfect eyebrows (seriously, who the fuck cares?), perfectly manicured hands and feet, ALWAYS shaved legs and vag, and…….I’m getting exhausted just writing this list.


I have a job. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my refrigerator (unless I go to get something out of it – why is there nothing in there I actually want to eat?!). I have friends. And you know what? I am enough. I am enough for me. And if that’s not enough for you, then fuck you, too.

“If all of her was not enough for him, then let him have none of her and seek what he needed elsewhere.” – Robin Hobb, City of Dragons

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