A Record Year

The ending of a year brings about a time of self reflection. We start to think about all that we did, but tend to focus on the things we didn’t do or wish we would have done. You remember things like, “I really should’ve been nicer to that waiter on March 11.”  

Self-evaluation is a very therapeutic process. Sometimes I think I do it a little too much. 

Being a part of the Age of Information and the Internet, we are exposed to so much more than generations before us. We have the ability to broadcast our opinions about literally anything. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot about loss. Whether it’s a celebrity, love, Obama, a job, or a close friend – the things or people not joining us in 2017 is heavy on many people’s minds. 

An important lesson moments like this teach us is: Life is too fuckin’ short.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot

Don’t waste your time. You weren’t born on this planet, to the people you were born to, and surrounded by the people you are just to pay bills, and taxes, and die. We get one shot at this human experience. 

Eat the cake. Take the road trip. Go to the concert. Drink the good wine. Use the fine China. Tell strangers you love them. 

I lost a number of friends this year. I’ve been to more funerals than I care to think about. There’s a poem I’ve heard at numerous LIFE celebrations called “The Dash.” In this poem it talks about what that person did & how they made others feel. And that we focus on that rather than them not being here. Recently, I had a dear friend leave this realm and move on to her next adventure. Her “dash” has been on my mind lately. What she’s inspired me to do & what I try to inspire others to do – LIVE. And live in gratitude & kindness. 

Everything won’t always make sense. It won’t always be peachy fucking keen all the time. We are creatures of emotion. Allow yourself to BE with yourself in this coming year & the years to follow. Be KIND to one another. LOVE yourself. Your thoughts create your reality. Be firm in your intentions to the universe & quit telling yourself or others you can’t do something – make time for what’s important to you. 

In the words of Queen “Another one bites the dust.” You won’t be missed by very many, 2016. Thank you for your lessons. Dear 2017, I look forward to your light, magic, pain, laughter, and adventure.

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